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Car insurance is needed in Canada if you want to drive a car, as it protects drivers from the risks associated with driving. However, car insurance is of the long term and it is difficult for drivers to find short term car insurance.

To solve this problem, drivers can get a temporary car insurance plan. Basically, short term car insurance is for less than a few months and with some plans covering a driver for a couple of weeks.

Temporary auto insurance covers for a driver from between one day to over a month. These policies have a number of advantages as compared to long-term plan insurance. This type of car insurance is far cheaper than other car insurance.

When To Get
Temporary Car Insurance?

There are certain situations when temporary car insurance will work wonders for you, like:

  • When you rent a car because you don’t own a car yet then this insurance is just made for you.
  • When you borrow someone’s car for a few days, then it is advisable to buy this insurance plan to accommodate these days.
  • If you don’t drive a car in your home state and you are driving someone else’s car when on vacation, then it is good to have this insurance.
auto insurance for one month only

Things to Consider When Shopping for Temporary Car Insurance:

There are things that you should consider before buying temporary auto insurance and make sure you check all the information before making any decision.

  • Make sure you are able to use it for the full policy period and get all the benefits from it.
  • Companies will ask you for a down payment of one or two weeks for short term insurance. You may not get any down payment back if you cancel your insurance within a few days of buying it.
  • Some temporary auto insurance starts within a month of obtaining the policy for the first time, you may not be covered by this insurance for a few weeks, so drive safely.
  • One way these companies decide whether you are eligible for getting short term insurance or not is by reviewing your insurance coverage record.
  • If you haven’t driven a vehicle for a long period of time and have not had continuous insurance coverage, then you might not be able for attractive rates.
  • The insurance companies will assess the situation and tell you that you are a high-risk customer and they will charge on that basis.
  • Buying short term car insurance makes sense in certain situations, but it can be difficult to obtain the right rates and coverage when you need at the crunch time.

What Are the Benefits of Having Temporary Auto Insurance?

  • It is specially designed for new learners and is beneficial for drivers who are learning to drive a car and don’t want to affect accidents to their long-term insurance.
  • One of the benefits of these types of insurance is that it can be added as an addition to the long-term existing policy, making it ideal for parents who don’t want to endanger their any claim option when an accident occurs.
  • This kind of insurance is great for the students, who are at home for a holiday or for a short period of time.
  • Generally, this insurance is very pocket-friendly as it gives drivers the freedom to choose other good options when the time period is over and drivers are not tied to singular insurance for a long time.
  • It is very important to highlight that even if they are short term insurance, then they cover all the essential benefits and policies.
  • For the learner drivers, it is beneficial to have this kind of insurance, giving the drivers more time to learn the driving and hone their driving skills without being tied to an annual insurance policy.
  • There is no monthly pressure on you to pay on time and if you see a better policy, then you can even change it without any hassle.

How Do We Provide The Price of Temporary Car Insurance?

There are some factors that will decide the price of your temporary car insurance;

If you live in a large city, then there is a greater chance of you having an accident. A higher probability of accidents and theft of your car increases the rate of your car insurance.
The more often you drive your car, the more chances of having an accident, hence higher rates for you to pay for car insurance.
Your insurance rates are directly affected by your driving record and your driving habits. Accidents that are considered at fault and a ticket will count against your driving record.
The types of coverage you choose and your coverage limits will impact your premium. The greater the coverage, the higher the premium.
The model of your car also decides the rate for your insurance. If you have an affordable car and the repair cost of that car is not much, then the premium will be lower compared to luxury cars.
car insurance for one month only



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some provinces of Canada allow buying temporary car insurance but due to the tight laws and regulations regarding insurance in Ontario, you won’t find too many insurers providing temporary auto insurance coverage deals.
Temporary car insurance might cost more than general auto insurance plans which demand a monthly payment or even suffice with bi-annual and annual payments. It is because the daily cost of temporary insurance in Canada can be statistically greater than that of the insurance plans that provide basic coverage.
The best available short term car insurance would be the one that provides comprehensive coverage. In it, not only will you have coverage towards a collision, injuries to pedestrians, passengers, and the driver but also towards the drivers who aren’t insured.
Temporary car insurance could be taken for a time that is anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. It is also possible to purchase it for three to even six months but it is only available through particularly few insurers in Ontario and other provinces of Canada.

Yes, one can buy additional insurance for a car that is already insured for various purposes. The other auto insurance could be useful to cover for a car when you’re on a vacation or when you’re only borrowing the car temporarily and would not want to make claims in case of accidents and damage on the annual or pre-existing policy.

Anyone between the ages of 19 years to 65 years could purchase Temporary Car Insurance.
One might qualify for various discounts when buying short term insurance same as they do when purchasing a long term insurance plan.
It is possible for you to get a car insured that you don’t own but it is not without certain differences which aren’t limited to customizing the coverage and deductibles but also include paying a premium surcharge.

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