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If you are going to rent a car, buying rental car insurance before you get the car can save you a lot of money and provide long-term benefits. This type of insurance protects your rental car against physical damage or loss as a result of an accident or theft in the country or abroad.

Physical damage to a rented car, Loss of rented car, Towing, custom duties, fire department charges are some of the situations that are covered under a typical rental car insurance policy.

Save Money on Rental Car Insurance?

All types of coverage in this insurance protect you, passengers, and rented car, personal belongings of the driver, as well as all injuries, or damages to another person’s vehicle or property due to an accident with your rented car.

If you get a rented car, the car rental agencies insure their vehicles only, so if anything may occur, you may not get covered in that insurance, because what these agencies are offering is not the actual insurance. If you choose any coverage and pay for it, these agencies are not entitled to pursue you for any damages.

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Types of Rental Car Coverage

Rental car insurance is offered at the moment when you choose a vehicle on rent. It may be a little stressful situation where you have to make a quick decision, especially when you are unknown about the types of coverages in the insurance. So, the best idea is to ask for a rented car after getting enough information about the rules. It will help in making a smart and financial-friendly decision.

This coverage keeps you protected from the theft and collision charges of the hired car. It is not an insurance policy, but when you sign an agreement, you are providing authority to the car rental agency to pursue you if any damage or loss occurs to the rental car.
It provides coverage to the driver and passenger(s) for the accidental death or injury as a result of the accident. The amount of coverage for the driver is higher than the passengers.
This coverage protects you if you are responsible for the accident and injury to another person or any damage to another’s property such as a vehicle. The liability insurance covers the expenses as a result of the crash; it can be a vehicle and medical bills to anyone injured in the accident.
This coverage protects your personal belongings and valuables. Though there is a limit and sometimes it is required to pay a deductible before paying out the claim. But, some limits depend on how many passengers can claim.
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When do you need Rental Car Insurance?

Many financial experts advise you to avoid purchasing insurance for rental agencies. But, you can purchase rental car insurance based on the type of coverage you need. Here are some of the conditions which you must consider to know the need for rental car insurance.

  • If you don’t have your own car insurance policy covering accidents and wide-ranging coverage or don’t have a credit card providing CDW and LDW coverages, it increases financial risk.
  • If you don’t have your auto insurance policy that covers OPCF27 endorsement, it does not provide liability and personal accident insurance.
  • If you are paying too high car insurance as a result of accidents and tickets, it is not a good idea to make another claim with your insurer, thus buying the insurance can avoid these situations.
  • If you are traveling for a business purpose, it does not mean your personal policy will cover everything for you. In this case, the employer is responsible for paying the rental car insurance.
  • If you are planning to hire an expensive car, it can be sports, luxury or any specialized vehicle, it is best to pay the expensive insurance too, because such vehicles have a higher replacement value.

Tips to Save Money on buying Rental Car Insurance

In order to lower the monthly premium of car insurance, it is recommended to discuss with an expert to check the available options. Here are some of the tips that can help you in saving money on car rental insurance.

  • Make use of the internet in the best way, search for the top insurance agencies online and compare them to find the best rates.
  • Several rental car agencies offer loyalty programs, which give you an opportunity to earn points and exchange them to get cheaper rent.
  • Many agencies also offer coupons or discounts based on the location and distance of rental, so you must take advantage of such coupons.
  • The best tip is to take the economy car as they are usually the cheapest.
  • For those with auto insurance policy, home insurance as well as a good credit card can choose to skip the insurance.

More about Rental Car Insurance
Helpful Information

  • SIf you choose all above mentioned coverages, the insurance could cost you somewhere around $35 - $40 per day. So, it is advised to choose the coverages smartly and fill the financial gaps.
  • The credit card also covers your rental car, so you must ensure the limits with your bank or credit card Company to get adequate coverage.
  • Some credit cards provide coverage for accident, damage or loss based on the limits, while some do not include coverage for liability or personal injury to the driver or another person in the crash.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is offered at the time of rental for additional daily charges and if the renter accepts the DW then it reduces the renter’s responsibility for loss or/and damage to the rental car as per terms and condition of the rental agreement and applied laws.
It is available very easily and it varies and you have to pay in the range of $22.99 to $39.22 per day.
It is a coverage that is for rental vehicles and will help when a driver causes an injury to a third party with a rental vehicle.
It depends on you having a Loss of Use Coverage, as your car will be covered by your insurance and you can keep it until your car is repaired or your insurance limit is reached- whichever comes first. If you have collision, comprehensive, or legal liability coverage then your rental car is covered too.

You need not worry, as long as you have your rental coverage, you can work out something with your insurer and can extend the duration of your rental car service.

Personal Accident Insurance is offered at the time of rental or additional daily charges. PAI provides renter and renter’s passengers with accidental death, medical bills, and ambulance expenses.
The PEC contained in the policy insures the personal effect of the renter, additional drivers, or any immediate family member and who is traveling with the renter against the risk of loss or damage. The purchase of PEC or PAI is not mandatory to rent a car and they are subject to provisions and limitations.

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