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What you will do when your car has suffered loss or damage, not as a result of an accident with another vehicle? It means you must have an additional coverage option which is added to your car insurance policy.

When you lease or have a car loan, it is recommended to buy comprehensive insurance coverage to get protection against huge financial loss if unexpected damage occurs. Whenever the value of your car increases, you must go for this type of additional coverage to the standard insurance policy.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

    This type of insurance is an optional coverage to the auto insurance policy that protects you from the cost of repairing or replacing your car to the actual cash value if your car is damaged or suffered any loss due to the unexpected situations. No doubt collision is one of the main causes of car insurance claims, but the car can suffer damage in many ways apart from an accident on the road. These include Theft, Fire/explosion, Falling of an object, Natural disaster, Hitting an animal, Riot or civil disobedience, Vandalism, Glass damage.

Advantages of Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

Should you go for comprehensive car insurance coverage? Should you remove this additional coverage from your standard auto insurance policy? These questions may continuously hit the minds of many drivers.

But, when you come to know the advantages of this insurance type, you will be able to make an informed decision with the right answer.

  • Adding just an extra amount to the premium of the standard auto insurance policy can give you peace of mind, which is quite better than the financial loss if any damage occurs to the vehicle and you are unable to recover it.
  • If you choose to get comprehensive coverage, it keeps you away from the unexpected expenses from your own pocket for repairing the damaged vehicle.
  • The cost of comprehensive coverage is worth more than the burden of paying a huge amount for damage or loss, especially when no other option is left than repairing or replacing.
  • It keeps you protected from buying another car if yours has been stolen and is unable to recover. The comprehensive insurance does not cover the payment for a brand-new car but provides coverage for the value of the stolen car.

What does not cover under comprehensive Insurance?

Many drivers get confused when it comes to comprehensive insurance for their vehicles. Some think that getting this type of insurance protects them in any situation. So, they must know that there are various situations that are not covered by this insurance. These are:

  • If your car is damaged as a result of an accident, in this case, the car damage due to accident is covered under collision coverage, which is optional.
  • If you, a passenger or a driver of another vehicle is injured from a car accident, in this case, injuries resulting from an accident are covered by standard accident benefits.
  • This insurance also does not cover the cost of a rental car after a claim; in fact, this situation is covered by an endorsement which is a part of your OPCF 20 policy.
  • It also does not cover driving to other vehicles; in fact, it is covered by an endorsement which is a part of your OPCF 27 policy.

How does Comprehensive car insurance work?

This auto insurance is an extra form of coverage that can be chosen to add to your standard insurance policy. It is helpful in providing additional coverage as well as protection to your car against the number of threats in different situations.

This term is also used as full comprehensive or fully comp. and provides extra insurance and coverage for many situations, if the damage or loss is not caused as a result of an accident. The complete list of coverage should be checked carefully with the insurance company. In addition to this, fully comprehensive also provides coverage when you drive another person’s car and is protected against various perils, such as fire, theft, vandalism, etc.
Comprehensive insurance claims work the same as standard auto insurance claims, but the difference lies in the amount you are claiming as well as the deductible amount. These claims are executed for damage or loss to your car not resulting from an accident/collision. The process of filing these claims is similar to the standard car insurance claim. Simply contact your insurance company, inform them about the damage and they will help you further.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Comprehensive coverage will cover your car from damages due to theft and vandalism, natural disasters, fire and explosion, and damages due to flying or falling objects like rocks and gravel. It will not only cover for your damage but will also give you cash settlement if your car is a total loss.
It is not mandatory to buy comprehensive coverage as it will become less and less valuable with the time as your car will start to depreciate. So, if you don’t have an insurance plan that doesn’t require having a comprehensive then you can skip it.
It is because hard-risk drivers turned to the third-party insurance policy and the number of claims was increasing. By this method, they are able to bring the rates of comprehensive down and make it cheaper.
It does not cover damage to your car due to collision with a car or another object present on the road, damage to a person whose car was involved in a collision with you; medical bills lost income, or legal fees of another person after the accident.
Collision coverage will help you to pay for repairing your car due to collision with a vehicle and object. While comprehensive coverage will help you that are not related to driving like theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and fallen trees, etc.
No, comprehensive coverage is not compulsory insurance. Nonetheless, if you are in the middle of monetary constraint and can’t afford to pay for car damages then you should buy this insurance to ease the financial burden on yourself.

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