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Whoever is planning to buy a car shall need to also get it insured because not having any at all is a punishable offense. While it results in penalties, fines, and other serious consequences, you can avoid them by buying yourself car insurance but it’s not as simple as buying a bag of chips.

Buying car insurance has several avenues that you must first understand before buying any generic auto insurance right away without the knowledge about coverage, discounts, and rates.

Is Student Car Insurance Different?

If you’re a student then besides the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter being addressed, you’ll also need a source of transportation if you happen to live at a reasonable distance away from your educational institution. Being an owner, you will need to ascertain that you have a valid permit to prove that your ownership of the vehicle is legal and that your vehicle insurance has standard coverage. There’s also the requirement of a clear display of license plate stickers to avoid other offenses.

student car insurance companies

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Factors That Influence Rates of Student Car Insurance

A major deciding factor for insurance companies aside from your grades, age, and gender is the fact whether you take your car to school. If you do, then where you may park and how much you may drive also plays a role in determining the possibility of getting into an accident. These are some things that are also taken into consideration:

This could be the primary one because let’s say if your school is in a more rural area then you will pay lower rates. Urban areas and bigger cities always carry higher insurance rates because there are more chances to be involved in an accident. You could also qualify for a mileage discount if you happen to live within 3 miles of your school.
If you choose a large vehicle over a sports car, then you’ll get a vehicle that is more substantial and easier to repair which will ultimately require lower premiums. Sports cars always have a large claim history and higher chances of being stolen. Newer cars and sedans aside from minivans offer lower insurance rates because they require less maintenance with more safety features.
Your credit history is examined by the insurance companies to predict the likelihood of you getting into an accident. A clean or good credit rating could save you about one grand per year in the premiums whereas a poor record will demand higher premiums.
This is self-defined and if you could prove that you’ll be driving less, then you could save some on your premium or you’d get some amount added into your premium if you frequently plan on making more and bigger trips around the town or the county.

Your personal driving history is a crucial factor in determining average student car insurance cost. You could be placed in the high-risk category if you happen to be a young driver without any previous legal driving record. Getting a speeding ticket or a parking ticket could increase your insurance rates thus it is highly advisable to keep your driving record as clean as possible.

Car insurance for international students may cost more than the average Canadian and it depends on driving experience, the driving car, driving record as well as age.

Student auto insurance quotes

Types of Student Car Insurance Coverage

Since car insurance is a necessity for any student with a car whether they’re home or away, getting the cheap car insurance for students shouldn’t be limited to cover just the minimum.

To further ensure your protection, the following types of coverage should be included in the student auto insurance:

  • Collision coverage protects against any physical damage to your vehicle when it gets hit or has hit another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive coverage provides for losses towards the damage to your vehicle from incidents other than collision such as theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Medical payments coverage concerns personal injury protection and helps towards medical, dental, and funeral expenses for you or your passengers regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage covers you in an accident against a driver who does not have auto liability coverage or happens to be a hit-and-run drive.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage protects you if another motorist does not have enough insurance to cover your loss or is at fault for a collision.

Available Student Discount Car Insurance

Being a student makes you eligible for multiple discounts which are as follows:

  • Resident Student Discount - For students whose school is far away and drive home only on holidays could get a good insurance discount since there are comparatively fewer chances of you to get into an accident.
  • Early Signing Discount - You’ll get a good discount if you’re getting insured for a new car before your current policy has been terminated. Since it is time-sensitive, some owners miss out on this exclusive discount.
  • Multiple Policy Discount - When getting student auto insurance, if you choose the same insurance company that you’re already using for other types of insurance, you’ll be in benefit. It is so because you’re already in business with them and thus they are properly aware of your credit score and reliability.

Few benefits of enrolling
in an Auto Club

  • Being enrolled in an auto club such as the Canadian Automobile Association will improve your trust rating.
  • The rates of your premium will be reduced to some extent.
  • You get club benefits such as towing, road assistance, etc. for a fractional cost.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying Car Insurance has different rates in different provinces. For a student under the age of 25, it could annually cost anywhere between $1800 to $4300 to buy car insurance.
When you attend college and either live at home or pay occasional visits, you could keep your parents’ car insurance plan only if you share their vehicle. However, you won’t be able to make claims should you get into an accident in a new car owned by you which itself too mandatorily needs a separate insurance plan of its own.
College students have several things to manage in their limited time thus the best car insurance plan for college students will be the one that’s both affordable and provided by reliable and hassle-free claim handling insurers.
International students living in Canada will pay between $1200-$1800 annually depending on the discounts and their eligibility. Although, they could reduce this amount by a few hundred dollars if they do their research well before grabbing the first deal they get.

Full-time students buying auto insurance could qualify for various kinds of discounts for being a good student, good driver, and more. They could get extra discounts by joining reputable selected organizations. Also, already being a member or becoming a member of those organizations will additionally help them get better student discount car insurance.

Auto Insurance could be costly, even more so for students but the niftiest way to reduce the average rates is by doing your research and comparing quotes aside from also maintaining safe driving practice and improving your credit score. Buying an economical car will also help.
Various auto insurance providers exist in the market who are also known as insurers whose aim is to provide insurance to various types of drivers. You can find online quotes too by visiting numerous websites and entering the pin code of your location.
Student car insurance is not too similar to a typical insurance plan. A student car insurance plan must cover several kinds of liabilities as they are at higher risk of being in accidents when compared to a general adult.

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